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One of my favorite places to hike is just a short trip down the road from where I live. The dusty gravel road opens into a little parking area that takes hiker up an old Forest Service road and through a towering stand of red pines. It’s quiet there, near silent, with only the sound of the wind rushing through millions of pine needles.

It was the perfect quiet, off-the-beaten-track place to hike.

Until this summer.

I set out on the trail one evening only to find obnoxious beeping, bright lights, and the round of trucks rumbling.

To my horror…

Recently I’ve been working on reorganizing my blog, which has had me unearthing many old posts that I had all but forgotten about. (Northernwords is already 5 years old-time flies!)

As I began to re-read some of my old posts, immediately a slew of berating thoughts began to fill my head. I picked apart every sentence I had written, every picture I had taken, and wanted to do it all over.

How could I have ever wanted to share a blog that was so awful?

Then after several moments of scathing self-criticism, I stopped, horrified at what my mind was…

Marriage is not about prioritizing happiness. It’s about finding meaning.

I learned this while spending five months traveling Europe with my husband shortly following our wedding. As someone who’s long been an advocate of travel, it was fitting that my fiancé affirmed his love for me not with diamonds but with a European travel guide and plane tickets to the other side of the world.

Since our relationship’s inception, we knew we wanted to pursue a life of common goals. …

Rae Poynter

Creative writer and traveler. Happiest in forests.

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